Communicating with Financial Analysts about Stock Options Backdating

March 8, 2016

Most Financial analysts (Buy and Sell Side) are acceptable acquainted of the analysis from the SEC into your company. Your Investor Relations alignment has to be:

a) Proactive about communicating

b) Forthright with what they apperceive and dont know

c) Resist apperception the outcomes and accessible causality

d) Be bright about timelines and milestones

e) Be honest about appulse to agent morale, chump drive and partner/supplier concerns.

Address these questions beneath in a clear, abridged address and you will accept a bigger crisis administration experience:

1. Will the digest accept a actual appulse on your antecedent years earnings, revenues and banknote flow, antithesis sheet, etc.?

2. What is the admeasurement of the options backdating? How abounding instances and how continued was this traveling on?

3. Accept you formed a appropriate board to attending into the matter? Who in the Board of Directors is branch up the analysis committee? What acquaintance do they accept in ambidextrous with crisis of this consequence before?

4. What has your acknowledgment from empoyees been? What accomplishments are you demography to anticipate accumulation exodus?

5. Are you traveling to lower antithesis estimates and acquirement targets back administration will be absent to break this issue?

6. What are implications from a acknowledged standpoint? How apparent are your Directors? What is the akin of your DOE insurance?

7. What about customers? Are they anxious and what is their akin of concern?

8. When do you apprehend to complete this action of investigation? What are the key milestones we should track?

9. Who all are traveling to be accursed / let go because of this issue?

10. What is your action to abide advancing advice with us on this issue?

Your IR and Finance aggregation will not accept all the answers, but these questions charge to be brainstormed afore you accept the alarm with the analysts.